Oct 15, 2015


Want to see your face in lights? To participate, post a photo of yourself under the new Fox Theatre Marquee or the old Fox Theatre Marquee and include #FoxMarqueeMe and #FoxApproved with your photo submission (“Content”) acknowledging the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Obscene, provocative or otherwise inappropriate content will not be considered. We retain sole discretion as to what constitutes inappropriate content.

I hereby grant in perpetuity to Olympia Entertainment, Inc. and their respective agents, representatives, successors and assigns (collectively “Company”) for Company’s benefit, the right and license to reproduce and publish, in whole or in part, both in still and motion pictures, by any means now known or hereafter to be discovered, together with the non-exclusive right to use and duplicate whether in print, negative, slide, videotape, digital, film sequence or other formats, my Content.

I hereby waive the opportunity or right to inspect or approve any such copy, text, proofs, negatives, tests, finished films, videotapes, audiotapes, digital images or recordings, and photographs or the uses to which the same may be put. All copies of my image, likeness and voice created or recorded by by Company or its designee hereunder shall be Company’s sole and exclusive property, including any and all prints and negatives depicting same. I hereby acknowledge that the copyright to any performance by me recorded by Company or Company’s designee hereunder shall be owned exclusively by Company for the term of such copyright, all such rights in and to said performances having been transferred by me to Company.

I hereby release Company from, and covenant not to sue Company for, any claim or cause of action, whether known or unknown, for libel, slander, invasion of right of privacy, publicity or personality, or any other claim or cause of action, based upon or relating to the use of the Content or the exercise of any of the rights referred to herein.

I hereby waive any right to compensation for the use of this Content in whole or in part, both in still and motion pictures, by any means now known or hereafter to be discovered.

I hereby warrant that I am eighteen years of age or older, that I am fully competent to participate in this promotion, and that no other agreements currently exist which would prevent my transferring these right to Company. I acknowledge that Company intends to rely on this release, and the grant of rights herein contained, and shall incur significant costs in production of the referenced work in reliance upon same. As a result, I agree not to institute any legal action to contest the rights conveyed to Company herein.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Company from and against any liabilities, losses, claims, demands, costs (including without limitation attorneys' fees) and expenses arising in connection with any breach or alleged breach by me of any of the above representations, warranties or agreement hereunder.