Mar 18, 2016


Story by Jeremy Andragna - The District Detroit


For fans of hockey, music and more—this week brought super news for those looking forward to the Detroit Events Center opening. The arena’s roof began to take shape with the first super truss going into place on the building’s Woodward-facing side.  

Ironworkers with Detroit-based Midwest Steel first spent nearly two weeks on the ground rigging and welding together the super truss—a massive steel piece weighing close to 250,000 pounds—the first of three pieces that make up a single roof span.


(Photo by The District Detroit)

That piece was carefully hoisted into place where it was connected to the arena structure on one side and a temporary shoring tower on the other.

The beginning of roof construction is an important milestone for the project as it begins the process of closing in the arena.  The project is on schedule for a September 2017 opening.

“Putting up the super truss is extremely exciting for this team.” said Sean Hollister, senior project manager for Barton Malow-Hunt and White. “There’s been months of preparation and a lot of leg work that goes into it from a safety standpoint, a quality standpoint and an engineering standpoint. So, this is just a really big milestone for this project.”

Now that initial work on the roof has been completed, new pieces of the roof structure are scheduled to be added every day until the arena is totally enclosed.


(Photo by The District Detroit)

It’s a very busy time on the jobsite as the workforce has grown to as many as 300 men and women working each day and as roof construction begins, other major projects continue to progress.

So far, nearly half of all structural steel—3,500 pieces—has been placed. More than 130 pieces of precast concrete stadia have been fitted into place ahead of seating in the upper concourse. And 27,000 cubic yards of foundation concrete has been poured.

The new arena is in the heart of The District Detroit. Check out our video where you’ll see the first super truss hoisted into place.