Kid Rock @ Joe Louis Arena, February 3, 2006.

Willie Nelson @ The Fox Theatre, March 23, 2007.

Zac Brown Band @ Comerica Park, September 12, 2015.

Elvis Presley @ Fox Theatre, May 25, 1956.

Bruce Springsteen @ Joe Louis Arena, September 21, 2003.

Diana Ross @ Fox Theatre, May 29, 2010.

Elton John @ Joe Louis Arena, November 29, 2013.

Prince @ Joe Louis Arena, 1998

Eminem and Rihanna "Monster Tour" @ Comerica Park August 22, 2014.

Madonna @ Joe Louis Arena, October 1, 2015

Merle Haggard @ Fox Theatre, October 20, 2015.

WWE Smackdown @ Joe Louis Arena, August 14, 2010.

Ernie- A Play By Mitch Albom @ City Theatre July 10-August 17, 2014

The Eagles @ Joe Louis Arena, July 24, 2015.

Cirque Du Soleil @ Joe Louis Arena, February 5, 2014.

Dolly Parton @ The Fox Theatre, October, 27, 2005

Bob Seger @ Joe Louis Arena, March 13, 2007

Rolling Stones @ Comerica Park, July 8, 20015

Aretha Franklin @ Fox Theatre, July 11, 2009

Big Sean @ Joe Louis Arena, November 6, 2015

BB King @ Fox Theatre, February 16, 2009

Be Part of Detroit History


Showcase your historical items in Little Caesars Arena

Olympia Entertainment and the Detroit Red Wings invite fans to be part of Detroit history by donating or loaning items that are part of Detroit hockey, music and entertainment heritage, which will be displayed at Little Caesars Arena, the new home of the Red Wings.

Little Caesars Arena – in the heart of The District Detroit – will be a major point of convergence for community, sports, music and entertainment events. Little Caesars Arena will also be a destination in itself as it will be filled with engaging spaces that display the proud heritage of the Red Wings and the incomparable history of music and entertainment in the city of Detroit.

This is your chance to be part of Detroit history. Those whose items are chosen for display in Little Caesars Arena will receive public recognition for their contribution to the unmatched legacy of Detroit and the Red Wings.


Items that may be of great public interest include:   

  •  Jerseys, uniforms, costumes, clothing (partial/complete)
  •  Hockey or hockey-related equipment
  •  Musical instruments and equipment
  •  Photos, posters, documents (books, magazines, news articles)
  •  Audio or video recordings
  • Game and event items (tickets, playbills, programs, patches)
  •  Other memorabilia

How to submit your items for display consideration:   

  • Complete the form below which includes detailed information about the item you’d like to donate or loan. 

If you have any questions, please review the Frequently Asked Questions section below. If you still have questions after reviewing the FAQs, please contact Marcel Parent at 313.471.3120 or email [email protected].



Tell us about your item:



Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of items are you looking for?

We are looking for a variety of items that can help us tell stories about the Detroit Red Wings as well as music and entertainment in Detroit. Items that may be of public interest and are historically significant will be given priority. These may include:

•                Jerseys, uniforms, costumes, clothing (partial/complete)
•                Hockey related equipment
•                Musical instruments and equipment
•                Photos, posters, documents (books, magazines, news articles)
•                Audio or video recordings
•                Game and event Items (tickets, playbills, programs, patches)
•                Other memorabilia

Are the categories above all you are looking for?

No. We’re looking for anything that makes for great storytelling. Great moments, significant milestones and important people usually have great stories attached to them.

Do you accept item donations or loaned items?

Both are accepted.

How do donations work?

Material will be reviewed by a team of curators to ensure that it can fit within the overall collection. If the item is selected, ownership of the material is transferred to Olympia Entertainment and the Detroit Red Wings through a Deed of Gift. Conditions will apply and must be agreed upon by both parties.

What happens to my donated item?

Donated material will be stored in climate-controlled vaults until it goes on display at Little Caesars Arena. In some cases, while it is archived, we may grant supervised access to particularly important pieces to research professionals.

How do loans work?

Again, material will be reviewed by a team of curators to ensure that it can fit within the overall collection. If the item is selected, it will be loaned to Olympia Entertainment and the Detroit Red Wings through a standard loan agreement. Ownership of material on loan is maintained by the lender. Loans will be used for various exhibition purposes including special exhibits.

When will I be able to see my item on display?

We cannot guarantee that any item we receive will be displayed within a specific timeframe.  We hope to use some of the items in permanent exhibits, some in temporary exhibits and some in areas that are behind the scenes, but viewable during public tours. The display value of a specific item is dependent on how it fits within our present collection and other items submitted by the public.

Even if I donate my item, I’d like to know that it will be well taken care of. Will you do that?

Our professionally managed archives are committed to the care and safekeeping of all items in its spaces, including donated and loaned items. By preserving and exhibiting these artifacts, Olympia Entertainment and the Detroit Red Wings will keep telling great stories for many years to come.

If I loan my item, who will take care of insuring it?

A loaned item remains the possession of the owner. While Olympia Entertainment and the Detroit Red Wings will give a loaned item the same attention and care that our own items receive, insurance on the item over the period of the loan should be maintained by the owner if the monetary and/or emotional value of the item warrants it.

Will I get any kind of credit for my donation or loan?

Yes, unless you choose to remain anonymous. Any item used in exhibits or displays at Little Caesars Arena will have a note next to it, or in the interpretive label, recognizing the person or organization that donated or loaned the item, if this item comes from outside our collection.

How do I submit my item(s) for consideration?

You can fill out the online submission form above. It will provide you with a short questionnaire about the item you’d like to submit. You must include a photograph of your item.